Screen printing is a technique that involves using a polyster mesh screen to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired graphic label.
In order to print using the silk-screen printing technique, different materials are used. To start with, the printing frame is created, or rather, the design is printed onto a sheet so that the ink can be transferred.
The frame holder is placed on the substract and with the help of a squeegee the colours are screened (one layer for each colour).
At present ACT doing Screen Printing in 2 ways , Automatic Printing and Manual Printing.

Automatic Priting Method:
Graphics overlay and other flat surface area can be done using this method , substract can be hold by using vaccum suction created in bed of the machine.
Manual Printing Method:
Printing over plastic part which is not having flat surface can be printed using this method , this method does not requires vaccum suction , and this type of part can be hold by using fixtures.