Our engineers can help you to take expensive, heavy metal parts and convert them to lightweight, lower cost plastic parts suitable for plastic injection molding, all without compromising structural integrity. In many cases this offers better performance and greater design freedom in addition to creating real and meaningful savings during manufacturing. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) often work with us to evaluate converting an existing product or part from metal to plastic. Our metal to plastic conversion services apply to all industries and product markets ranging from automotive to medical and consumer electronics. Our experienced engineers can help you evaluate a product’s suitability for metal to plastic conversion and even help you find new opportunities to convert products you may not be aware of.
Our knowledge of injection molded plastics includes analysis and deep material expertise. Let us help you comply with international regulations, lower total costs and/or reduce product weight while delivering improved design, flexibility, and performance with the use of injection molded plastic.
With metal to plastic conversion you get greater materials selection options, greater flexibility in design and geometry, lower shipping costs due to reduced weight allowing for greater savings.