Laser etching are used for high detailed back-lighting purposes and durability.Laser marking is becoming more and more frequent in industrial applications as they are seen as particularly reliable and provide numerous advantages. Laser etching is extremely robust and also forgery-proof. Its application can also be of a high quality.
Laser etching are used for high detailed back light pass through purposes and durability. Our engineers have experience etching variable layer thicknesses, coating types and colours to create consistent and accurate durable legends and back-lighting for use on all automotive audio, climate control, doors and all interior switches inside the car.
Using standard graphic software, our laser etching machines are programmed to remove layers of spray paint to exacting specifications and show sub-layers by removing dark light blocking layers to reveal the white or natural colour of the plastic beneath for backlighting purposes. Our lasers can cut polyester, poly-carbonate, rubber, acrylics and other plastic materials. Our laser machines have maximum etching area of 300 X 300 mm at one stretch.