Founded in 2006, ACT Plast Paints Pvt Ltd gained excellent reputation in Indian Automotive, Consumer and Home Appliance segments with specialization in high quality and high precision engineering Plastics painted and decorative product solutions, and we placed our foot mark in the area of IME products. Headquartered in Chennai, India, we offer Unique solution for several challenging, several complex decorative solutions that require expertise and advanced technology. Our operations include a wide range of high quality and advanced processes like Injection molding, automated painting, automated Chrome Plating, in-mould decorating, thermo forming ,in-mould electronics , painting and laser etching, pad printing ,screen printing and punching and hot stamping. We have spread our reach and created facilities in Chennai, Pondicherry and Ananthapur(AP) to be near to customers to deliver quality and on-time services.

Why Act Plast

   The first and farmost thing is we are one-point solution for entire decorative plastic part.
   A one stop solution for molding , painting , printing and plating products.
   We are familiar with customer requirements of Automotive and Home appliance customer.
   Automated and Robotized painting facility available which provides uniform painting thickness all over the part.
   We have a wide variety of Molding machines ranging from 50T to 1300T.
   We manufacture for all the major OEM’s like Renault-Nissan, Hyundai, Bharth Benz, Bosch, Preethi, Whirlpool.
    We are widely spread over South India having 4 plants.